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Strangers in Love

Because You Never Know if Your True Love is Out There Somewhere

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Welcome to Strangers in Love, a community for a very special kind of alternate pairing: the kind where the characters have never actually met in canon. And why not? Just because they haven't met yet doesn't mean they couldn't, after all. However, this is not a community for you to come up with the most cracked out pairing for a fandom that you can. This is actually a place to seriously discuss characters we think would make the love connection if they actually met.

Also, we do allow for crossover couples, so if you were ever watching TV/reading a book/watching a movie and through to yourself "so and so would be really good with whatsisname", this is the place for you to continue that train of thought.

Post Format
We understand that with these kinds of pairings there is usually little canon evidence to corroborate your belief that they would go well together, so we aren't asking for very extensive essays. As a result, we are not putting a minimum or maximum word limit on posts. We just ask that they be fairly substantial so as to actually convince people of why you would like to see the characters together (i.e. something more than "I just think they would look really hot together) and that it follow this format:

Spoilers For:
The Evidence:
Conclusions (a.k.a. Why They Should Meet):

Please use an LJ cut for everything from evidence down.

1.) Please be nice to the other members of the community. You can politely disagree with what other people say. We welcome debate. But don't start flaming the person because you think their couple is absolute crack.

2.) Try not to troll. We are fully aware that allowing crossover couples just asks for things like "Fox Mulder x Grumpy Bear", but we trust that the members of this comm are a bit more mature that that.

3.) Please follow the format given in the userinfo. If you don't use it, that means you didn't read these rules and you'll be kicked out of the comm. However, feel free to add more catagories if you feel they are necessary to prove your point.

4.) As I said before, we don't have a minimum or maximum word limit, so you'll have to use your judgement about what "substantial" means. Obviously this is more than a sentance or two for the actual info catagories, but if you want to write a 30 page manifesto with charts, graphs, and expert analyses, well, more power to ya. :P

5.) Remember: this comm is for characters who haven't actually met in canon as of when you last saw the series. If you haven't seen it all, make a note of it in the spoilers section so if someone points out to you the characters do eventually meet the mods won't penalize you.

6.) If you have a favorite alt pairing that has met in canon, then please visit ship_manifesto to discuss them. If you just like a character so much you'll stick them with someone random for an opportunity to gush about them, even if you don't think they would fall for one another if they met, then go to reflections_2.

7.) Please write out explanations as paragraphs rather than lists. That way you can add supporting details and it looks better. We're not saying a small list in the middle of a longer essay is against the rules if you need it, but don't make your whole essay a list.

8.) No real people, please. You can use live action series like CSI or Angel, but not actual actors/singers. There's already comms for speculating on those pairings.

9.) Have fun. ^_^ After all, this is just good ol' speculation at work.

This comm is modded by aguynamedgoo and sir_hellsing. Failure to follow the rules will result in eternal bannination, a public beating with the Doorknob Stick, or both.